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We have a live stream series on Facebook that talks about all of the business basics you need to know to run a successful business. Click the photos to take you to the episode recording and click 'download' to access the resources we provided for that episode. 

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JobKeeper 2.0

Biz Basics Ep.1: JobKeeper 2.0
An infographic outlining all of the important information regarding JobKeeper 2.0 changes that was discussed in our Facebook stream. 


JobKeeper employee nomination 

Biz Basics Ep.1: JobKeeper 2.0
JobKeeper 2.0 beginning 28th of September 2020. Essential document for those enrolled or intending to enroll for JobKeeper.

starting a business

Biz Basics Ep.2: Starting a Business — The Basics.
The nitty-gritty side of turning your great idea into a great entity.

contractors v employees

Biz Basics Ep.3: Contractors v Employees.
Overview of the differing hours of work, risk, superannuation, leave & much more to help you determine whether your team member is an employee or a contractor.

asset financing

Biz Basics Ep.4: Asset Financing: Finding other ways to Finance Growth outside of the Triple F's
Lisa Wilson from Finance in Heel's has shared her expertise on Asset Financing for businesses.


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