biz basics

We have a live stream series on Facebook that talks about all of the business basics you need to know to run a successful business. Click the photos to take you to the episode recording and click 'download' to access the resources we provided for that episode. 


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JobKeeper 2.0

Biz Basics Ep.1: JobKeeper 2.0
An infographic outlining all of the important information regarding JobKeeper 2.0 changes that was discussed in our Facebook stream. 


JobKeeper employee nomination 

Biz Basics Ep.1: JobKeeper 2.0
JobKeeper 2.0 beginning 28th of September 2020. Essential document for those enrolled or intending to enroll for JobKeeper.

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starting a business

Biz Basics Ep.2: Starting a Business — The Basics.
The nitty-gritty side of turning your great idea into a great entity.


contractors v employees

Biz Basics Ep.3: Contractors v Employees.
Overview of the differing hours of work, risk, superannuation, leave & much more to help you determine whether your team member is an employee or a contractor.


asset financing

Biz Basics Ep.4: Asset Financing: Finding other ways to Finance Growth outside of the Triple F's
Lisa Wilson from Finance in Heel's has shared her expertise on Asset Financing for businesses.


the admin stuff

Biz Basics Ep.5: Turning your great idea into a great entity – the admin stuff.

Laura Higgins from Office Hive outlines all that you need to know.

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overcoming money blocks

Biz Basics Ep.6: Having the tough conversation about money.

Nicole Alesios shares her wisdom on money management for women in business.


planning for 2021

Biz Basics Ep.7: Planning for another potentially unprecedented year.

For our final episode of 2020, Julie runs through how to prepare for the next year.


cashflow spreadsheet

Biz Basics Ep.7: Planning for 2021

In our final episode, Julie used this handy, user-friendly cashflow spreadsheet. 


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SMART goals poster

Biz Basics Ep.1: Mojo, mindset and motivation. 

Our first guest of the season Emma McQueen spreads her wisdom on goal setting. Read her blog here.