Many businesses start from a similar place of passion, with a yearning for flexibility and security. Whatever motivated you to start your business, we want to help you make it work.

who is cocoon?


At Cocoon, we tailor our business solutions to help you grow in a sustainable way that aligns with your ambitions. Our small team of specialists are here to support your business every step of the way. As a trusted partner, we help you plan the big moments and are there for the day-to-day ups and downs too.

We take a personal approach to our client relationships and aim to alleviate undue stress by keeping your business organised and compliant. We believe this is key to success and business well-being, two things we want for each and every one of our clients.

our values

Heading 2

The way we treat each other; the way we treat those we support, with dignity, valuing the collective power of teamwork and relationships to achieve common goals.

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We want to be kind and understanding, and have a willingness to give our clients things that have value to them on many levels.

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We want to be open-minded to ensure we can learn and grow, as we are not
all-knowng. Having fully transparent relationships with our clients, and each other, builds trust. 

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Open Minded

We value structure as it provides a full understanding of expectations and deliverables internally and externally. 

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It means something when you love what you do, you love why you do it, you love the team you work with and you love the clients you serve.

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our team


Roger Larkin


I'm Roger, director of Larkin Partners and Cocoon Business Solutions. With a Bachelor of Economics – Accounting and +29 years of experience under my belt, I've developed a quality team of expert accountants and bookkeepers; all with the commitment of providing above-and-beyond services to Cocoon Business Solutions and Larkin Partners’ clients.

Julie Doyle


I am the Practice Owner and have been running this business (and its predecessor) for over 20 years. I love working with small businesses, maybe a little too much. But when the language gets fruity or the numbers get tight, you'll know just how much I care.

I have a background in mainly service-based careers: law enforcement, administration & customer service roles and teaching. I have a Degree in Education, Cert IV in Bookkeeping and a Postgraduate Certificate in Accounting. I've worked in businesses of all shapes and sizes across Australia and in North America, but Melbourne is home to me. I am a stand-up comedy tragic and my record for a Melbourne International Comedy festival is 25 shows.


Nadia Panteleeva

Senior Bookkeeper

Hello my name is Nadia and I joined the Larkin Partners/Cocoon Business Solutions team back in early August 2021. My background is in accounting and bookkeeping, with a Degree in Accounting and a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping. I love being busy, solving problems and I am studying to achieve my CPA certificate in the coming two years. I have worked across several businesses in Australia and internationally, living in Russia and Saudi Arabia and settling in Australian 6 years ago.

Corann Sharma  


My name is Corann Sharma, and I am a bookkeeper here at Cocoon Business Solutions.
I've been part-time with Cocoon for 18 months, and am currently working through my BAS Agent's Registration course, giving me vital education for the development of my career. Once this is complete, I intend to resume my Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance) studies.

My other part-time passion is bartending at Whisky Den. I've worked there for 3 and a half years now, and the small family we have there has become a big part of my life. 

The biggest personal challenge I've had to overcome was the diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis the year I entered high school. It taught me resilience and

strong personal resolve. I also played a lot of team sports throughout my childhood, and this has greatly added to my leadership and interpersonal skills.

Caitlin Arnott


Social Media Manager

My role at Cocoon Business Solutions is managing our social media, updating our website and creating our monthly EDMs. I also support the team across a wide range of administrative activities… hint hint doing whatever jobs are thrown at me. With the variety of training courses I’ve had since I’ve been here, I’ve actually developed a love for the purpose of bookkeeping … which is quite amusing based on the fact I dropped out of maths in my final year of high school (and there may be film evidence of me burning my year 11 math book but I will deny it if ever asked.)