Welcome to Cocoon Business Solutions!

For 20 years we were known as JEDs Bookkeeping. Our practice manager Julie Doyle has founded, built and grown it into the business it has become today. We’ve grown so much that the name and the brand no longer felt representative of who we are. For many years it was just Julie, but now she has a whole team behind her and she wanted the brand to reflect that.

One of our core ambitions with the re-brand is to shift the perception of our business…we are more than just a bookkeeping business.

Our existing client base know they can call on us for a wide range of support and advice across many aspects of their business. As we deal with many businesses, often in vastly different industries, we value our ability to provide personalised services to each of our clients to nurture their business from a caterpillar into a butterfly 😉

We are reflecting our values of going above and beyond for our clients through this re-brand. With the amazing design help of Jac&, we’ve created a design that showcases our personal approach to our client interactions. We’re not just bookkeepers, we’re not just accounts: we are your businesses support team.

This re-branding was also driven by the desire to reach a more manageable work/life balance for us and our clients. It’s important for us all to prioritise our down time, especially as business owners. So, from hereon we intend to share more inspired content to encourage our clients to take a breath.

To all of those who knew us before and to those who have just discovered us: welcome to Cocoon.

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