A Message from Julie

I think we can all take a collective sigh of relief: 2020 has finally come to a close.

There is light beaming on the horizon to comfort us in the year ahead, but there are also reasons to actually celebrate the end of 2020, frankly, a bewildering year.

Accountants and Bookkeepers found their skillsets in high demand in 2020, between the government stimulus packages, Tax and BAS returns and financial planning, and the urgent need to suddenly manage and lead change for clients by contextualising data and coming up with new and innovative solutions of purpose. We talked clients through pivots, through hunkering down and tightening belts, through refinancing, through staff changes and so on —we came to be seen more as partners in your business, not just number nerds.

If there is anything that could attempt to undo the damage of 2020, it would be to ensure that you are “planning” your 2021. When I say planning, I promise I won’t bang on about just financial planning, but let’s craft some other, less exasperating words – preparation, forecasting, projecting, scheming, devising, developing.

I am not one to make predictions for what is to come. Who could have predicted the madness of 2020? However, I do have some hopes and dreams - however aspirational they may be - for the year ahead. Our work with our clients at this time of reflection and resetting has the goal of addressing the root causes of the financial and non-financial issues that have defined our 2020 business year.

It is time to sit down, dream a little and just write. Do a vision board – I was not a true believer until last year, when I sat down on 1st January and did my vision board for 2020… and I had it in my line of sight this year as I was working from my home base, and it help to keep front of mind those goals that could still be achieved, despite COVID.

But let’s look at those other non-financial items you should be taking the time to plan for in 2021 – and feel free to head over to the Biz Basics resource page for the full list:

plan your HR needs and team strategy;

review your systems and admin practices to make life a bit more smooth and streamlined;

connect and communicate with your client base in more value-added ways without compromising your rates first;

plan for risk —whether it’s another COVID, or natural disasters or some other type of business interruption, plan for it in both financial and non-financial outcomes that protect you, your team and your business.

…and, of course, because I can’t help myself, plan financially – a business plan is the best way for you to incorporate the financial and non-financial and it doesn’t have to be ‘bigger than Ben Hur’ a short, sharp, to the point plan will give you all your goals and provide analysis checkpoints throughout 2021 to ensure you’re on track.

The end of 2020 was a chance to take a breath, be reflective on the year behind us and to chart a path for the year ahead. But first, let’s take a moment to celebrate. You have got yourselves through this tumultuous year and are ready to take on 2021 like a ‘boss’. We’re here to help you smash every goal for the year ahead — just reach out.

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