7 Great Qualities your Bookkeeping Team should have

Your bookkeeping team should be as much of an expert of your business as you are. You are the hero to their story. The very basics of our job as bookkeepers, is to ensure you and your business are financially compliant and on track to success. But here at Cocoon, we believe your bookkeeper should go above and beyond with their services.

Here are 7 qualities that make a bookkeeping team great.

1. Excellent Communication Skills

As an expert on your business, your bookkeeper should have a thorough understanding of your operations, your goals and your issues. This is not just restricted to financial aspects, but includes the relationships between you, your managers, staff and customers.

Having a bookkeeper who is aware of the functions of your business enables them to communicate clearly and precisely to whoever they may be speaking with. Whether it's the owner, an employee or a supplier, your bookkeeper should be able to adapt their communication in order to ensure thorough understanding by any stakeholders.

Excellent communication skills ensure that the information they are relaying is understood by you and others in the team. Being on the same page is essential to your business functionality, as it can also help build stronger relationships within your business. Confusion can just lead to mistakes and wasted time by all involved.

2. Adept at Accounting Software and New Technologies

As bookkeepers, we rely heavily on accounting software and related technologies. Having strong skills in the various accounting-based software enables bookkeepers to automate data processes and reduce the time spent on data entry, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Look for a bookkeeper that ensures your business operations are at the forefront of software innovation, as learning new software and technologies will help boost your business’ operations so that you remain in pole position in your industry.

3. Organisation and Teamwork

This quality may sound obvious, but do not underestimate its importance! Organisation ensures reliability; you have a question and they know where to find the answer. Being aware and prepared for every deadline approaching will keep your business ahead of the game but will also ease the stress on you.

An organised bookkeeper makes your life that little bit less stressful, as you can trust that all your business’ finances and compliance requirements are in order.

It isn’t just one individual who is handling these details, but a whole team that you can trust. Having a bookkeeper that holds value in teamwork enables them to delegate tasks, which can increase the quality of work and efficiency.

4. Experience in your Particular Industry

Although this isn’t essential, having a bookkeeper who is knowledgeable in your industry is a huge advantage. It allows for a deeper understanding of your concerns, business operations, planning the future and the competitive market.

It will encourage more thoughtful conversations about your business position that you wouldn't otherwise have. Having a bookkeeper with a strong grasp of your industry can give you another perspective, which can be pragmatic when it comes to decision making.

However, if your bookkeeper doesn't have industry experience, don’t fret. We believe all good bookkeepers should consistently do research on their client’s industry to ensure that they can provide a personalised experience.

5. Integrity

This is crucial and an absolute must-have. You need to ensure that you can trust your bookkeeper and they in turn need to be as forthright, honest and ethical with all their processes so that your business remains compliant and respectable.

Every bookkeeper should provide the correct information to their clients and be completely transparent throughout all activities. At the end of the day, your bookkeeper must be able to say that everything they did was with absolute integrity.

6. Flexibility and Adaptability

When it comes to running a business, nothing is ever set in stone, so flexibility is crucial with bookkeeping. You may not run your business the same way another client does and that should be completely okay for your bookkeeper.

The ability to adapt to different circumstances allows for the service from your bookkeeper to be personalised and suited to the way your business runs. Flexibility calls for the willingness to learn something new in order to align with your business.

Rigidity is only going to hold your business back. If your bookkeeper is willing to adapt, it shows that they are willing to go the extra mile for each client and that they are driven to help your business succeed.

7. Relationship Building Skills

All of the above qualities would fall short if your bookkeeper doesn’t put the effort in to build a strong relationship with you and your team. Building a client relationship (or any relationship for that matter) encourages trust, transparency, solid communication and helps develop strong teamwork with all involved.

Creating a relationship bound by trust, where all parties can rely on each other to perform and all feel that their voice is heard, is the most essential skill to being a great bookkeeper. The relationship must work all ways for it to be successful.

Your bookkeeper should play an integral role in helping your business achieve success. Cocoon Business Solutions have always believed that we provide a service that makes us ‘more than just a bookkeeper’, so if you desire that next level, we’re here for you.

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