5-Step Survive to Thrive 

Business Planning Course

Are you needing to make the necessary changes to ensure your business is sustainable and successful, but not quite sure how to do that? Then this is the course for you.

Passion is one of the key motivators for starting a business and remains an important element of being a business owner. But, unfortunately we cannot run on passion alone. Understanding your business is crucial to success, and yet so many business owners have barely scraped the surface. Your business plan is the tool that helps build success. It gives you clarity, understanding and the roadmap to where you want to go.

For a business plan to truly work its magic, it needs to be comprehensive, clear and tick all the boxes. We won't lie, business plans can appear to be daunting and incredibly overwhelming! But they don't have to be. Not every business owner has the right mindset, the time or the support to create their own plan. That's where Cocoon saves the day!

course structure

We provide the work booklet to get you thinking, and templates that you can then use to create your living, breathing Business Plan. This won't get lost in your bottom drawer, it will be you go-to support tool to use for asset financing, investment seeking, business knowledge, goal measuring and other day-to-day business success metrics.


Company Overview


Wednesday 5th of May 

Week 2

Your Business Model 


Wednesday 12th of May

Week 3

SWOT Analysis: 6 Data Points


Wednesday 19th of May

Week 4



Wednesday 26th of May

Week 5

Executive Summary


Wednesday 2nd of June

1 hour follow-up session

Not only will you have the assistance of weekly group workshops with Julie, you will be given a one-to-one clarity call with Julie. These one-to-one's are Julie's opportunity to review your completed business plan and discuss ways the plan can be improved and verified (which can really change the game!).

At this stage, there are two courses scheduled in for the year. See the dates above.

Each course date has a limit of 10 people. This keeps the course intimate, giving each member the best learning outcome possible.

You will receive a total of 1 hour of one-to-one time with Julie after the course completion date.

This can be managed in either one of the following ways:

  • 1 x 1 hours

  • 2 x 30mins

  • 3 x 20mins.

$995ex GST

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what is a business plan?

A business plan is a dynamic, living document, which means that, while ideally you would sit down and prepare a business plan before starting your business, it is never too late to knock one out. We all know that what is ‘ideal’ and what is ‘reality’ are two completely different points of the same path. We have Cocoon clients who describe themselves as having ‘fallen into business,’ and creating a business plan is a way for them to take stock. So, if you’ve already started your business, don’t panic. It is never too late to sit down and do a business plan.

Want to know more? Read this blog post.

your business

  • Executive Summary

  • Your Pitch

  • Company Overview

  • Product/Service Description

your value proposition

  • Market Analysis

  • Industry Analysis

  • Constructing your Value Proposition

your business model

  • Operation Overview

  • Marketing Overview

  • Growth Plan

  • Management & Staffing Plan

  • Financial Summary

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Business Plans provide greater clarity on:

your vision for the future of your business

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